The iBESTEST Story

"My Fashion is a reflection of my personality...and I'm anything BUT normal..."

                                                                                                      Nikki Velez


In 2012, while attending Berkeley College in NYC, I founded My goal then as it is now was to deliver unique, statement style pieces that will help you to be you, expressing your personality through fashion. 

From as far back as I can remember, I always stood out from my peers. In grade school my friends were wearing "Garanimals"(Google that loll) while I was mixing a vintage top from my mom's closet with the latest pair of "Guess" jeans. Even though I've always read all the latest fashion magazines and watched all those fashion television shows, I was never one to wear an outfit as advertised... I always made it my own. This is what "iBESTEST" is all about, taking a look and making it your own. All you really need is that one accessory that will turn an ordinary, cookie cutter outfit into a WOW, stand out in a crowd look that will be admired by many.

I spend countless of hours scouring the globe to find you fashion that I'm sure you won't find anyone else in your circle wearing. If you see something you like, I suggest snatching it up ASAP, since I stock limited quantities to help keep it unique. Please check back often as you'll find new and exciting inventory regularly. 

Thank you for stopping by, we know you'll enjoy the ride...


Nicole "Nikki" Velez