New Year, New iBestest...

"Not for nothing, but all the bags look the same!"

It’s true! After a while, when looking at thousands of variations of the same item, you build this tolerance where everything just seems to blend in and absolutely nothing stands out from the crowd. This is where your inner discipline needs to kick in along with that crazy sense of style you were gifted with....otherwise you'd be just like any other ordinary on-line boutique.

Sigh..It’s not easy being me, lol. Yes, looking at my Social Media you may think my life is one continuous party, but the reality of it is that it’s not all fun and games being CEO of iBESTEST. It’s only 99% fun :-). All joking aside, in order to bring you the latest and greatest fashion, I spend countless hours a day reading up on the latest fashion trends, sorting through pages and pages of items, attending fashion shows, writing blogs, updating all my Social Media sites, communicating with my public, fending off my relentless army of stalkers with their portfolio of dick pics, and last, but not least, designing & creating my own handmade items. To top it off, as you're reading this, I'm in process of putting the finishing touches on the complete makeover of this website. All off this with my two widdle monsters (see below) competing for my attention at the same damn time. Sleep you say?? HA!! Sleep is for the weak! I have a responsibility to you to make sure I provide quality, unique styles at an affordable price. My worst nightmare is if someone purchases something from me that everyone and their sister is wearing. That’s no fun at all. That is exactly why we carry a limited amount of each item. My goal is to help keep you unique in your style.

The Widdle Monsters

Attaining my goals are easy since I love what I do. I wouldn’t give it up for the world. There's no feeling in the universe that can top the feeling I get when I see all the hard work and passion I put into iBESTEST reflected in the reviews I receive from all my happy customers as well as the pictures they post on their social media sites, proudly wearing and showing off something they chose and purchased from my site. OMG, you have no idea!

 With this relaunch of, I’m looking forward to an amazing 2017 with you and promise to keep things fresh, fun, and exciting. Please contribute! I welcome all your suggestions and input. Don’t be shy, I sure as Hell ain’t!! After all, it is all about you...





Kudos on the reconstruction of your site to match what I would say to be a successful New Years 2017.

All the products are displayed beautifully and all relevant information is available regarding each product.

Tito Velez

Hi Nikki, its You are entertaining as F@CK.. I love the site. Looked around but there is no dude stuff so I bought my daughter the Evil Eye Butterfly necklace.. Wish you much success!!

Nic Reyes

Awesome site! Love your stuff…and your blog! Good luck to you!


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