What's Your Signature Fashion Piece?

So tell me, do you think statement style fashion is a necessary and important ingredient in our daily lives?

I’d have to say “Hell Yeah!” How we dress impacts how we feel about ourselves, and vice-versa. So if adding something bold makes you feel better, why not?? Whether you care for clothes or not or whatever industry you work in or not, statement style pieces define your personal style. We all have our “go-to” pieces that reflect who we are fashion-wise, and these fashion items are what define our personal brand. Let’s make something clear, making a statement is not all about “look at me! Look at me!” While yes, at times you may want that, but mostly it’s just like what the tagline of our website states….it’s ”Just You Being You”. But… everyone is different. Those in the fashion industry may wear the latest and greatest Jeremy Scott piece to grab attention from all the paparazzi, while little old you have that one signature piece in your closet that added to any outfit will make it pop, and separate you from the masses. You know exactly what piece I’m talking about lol.

It’s important to know statement style fashion does not have to limited to accessories only. I happen to own many statement pieces that fall in various categories, which include jewelry, clothing, handbags, and shoes. I will treat shoes as statement pieces by wearing a pair of Louboutin’s with a simple tank top and pair of jeans. Other times, you may find me off to the gym with basic gym attire accented by a Moschino bright red motorcycle jacket bag hanging on my shoulder lol. But that’s what makes me, me. On some occasions, I’ll wear certain dresses because of their boldness in order to stand out in crowd, but mostly I just wear something because it feels good.

Due to all the fashion magazines, blogs, and social media, you may look at statement style fashion pieces as being trendy, but the reality of it all is that they have been around forever and will continue on due to their ability to put the finishing touch on any outfit and create that exact feeling you are yearning for….. What a beautiful thing :-)


So tell us, what is your signature statement style fashion piece?? Send us a picture of you in your “Statement Style” best with a brief description of how it makes you feel wearing it. Best submission will receive an “iBestest Statement Style Fashion Package!” and you will be featured in an upcoming fashion blog on iBESTEST.com.

Please submit all entries to Nikki@ibestest.com by February 14th, 2017. No purchase necessary. Winner will be notified by email on or before February 28th, 2017.

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