Vegan Statement Style Fashion...Crafted By an Architect, an Artist, and Their Robots.

Designer Spotlight #1

Introducing The MOHOP Brand Designers Annie Mohaupt & Justin Walker:

 Annie Mohaupt and Justin Walker from Mohop

If you know me, you know that I’m not the girl who sees an outfit on a mannequin in a department store window, runs inside, purchases it, brings it home, and then wears it as modelled. If you don’t know me, one look at the products on my website will help confirm that. I’m the girl who loves fashion that is creative, different, and hand made by artists. Fashion that radiates the passion, the dreams, and the blood sweat & tears of their designers. Fashion that you don’t have to worry about showing up to a function only to find that someone else had the same fashion inspiration that night. On this new Blog Category called “Designer Spotlight” I’ve decided to shout out and give props to the people that are all about this type of fashion. Here, I will introduce to you the artists behind all these amazing designs you’ll find on

For this first installment of’s “Designer Spotlight” series, I’ve decided to feature Justin Walker and Annie Mohaupt’s designs that I proudly carry, promote, and sell on my website and social media. You won’t find anyone out there like these two. All of Justin (the artist) and Annie’s (the architect) designs are produced in a former dominatrix dungeon in the great city of Chicago. They are all made from scratch, fabricated using robots and a digital scanning & 3D manufacturing process with vegan, recycled, sustainably sourced, and or fair-trade materials. I think that’s pretty interesting, no? Their designs caught my eye immediately and I can assure you, each time you wear one of their items, you’ll be the center of attention.

If you’re unsure what “Vegan Fashion” is, it’s clothing and accessories made from cruelty-free sources. Meaning, no animals were used or harmed in the making of these products. One example would be the “pleather” (that plasticky, synthetic leather) that Michael Jackson wore in his early “moon-walking” days.

Another would be the fashion of designer Stella McCartney. So, as you can see, you can be fashionable without harming any animals.


Before I go, I’d like to make something clear even though I really don’t have to, but feel I should since we are living in a world today where people seem to judge you on, amongst many things, what they think you believe in or who you support. You may prefer Vegan fashion, or like to wear leather and fur. Maybe you like both or maybe, you don’t even care to think about it. Either way it’s your choice and none of my business. As you’ve probably read on one of my blogs, somewhere on my social media, or definitely on my website, FASHION IS MY LIFE. This is the one thing I am most passionate about, but if fashion doesn’t float your boat, I would never think any less of you. The same goes with religion, politics, or whether you’re a carnivore or herbivore. As long as you’re not being a threat to me, my family, or the general well-being of the population, enjoy! If you love fur, you go girl! If you’re against fur, you go girl! So, before anyone gets any wild ideas in their heads, I’ll make it real simple for you…I support FASHION! Just promise me one thing…


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