Keep Calm ... Professionally Winging it Season is here

 Hope this message finds you well. 

Professionally Winging it ibestest nikki marvelezibestest Nikki Marvelez Girl Boss Fashion Retail Winging it

It's me Nikki & this is my website / my brand / my fashion Frankenstein baby that will someday be your guide to dealing with an eccentric entrepreneurial fashion professional.

 When you read "professional".. did you roll your eyes? #lmfao --- I would've --(How the hell do I insert a gif or use emojis on Shopify to sugarcoat my dark evil humor?"). 

 Truth is that I am a professional at ' Winging it ' and it's a skill that I should be able to put on my resume for the boss that I will never have. 

#StayTuned : Your MarVelez guide to professionally winging it is in the making & yep you are right ( lol ) -- I am 100% Winging it this time too  ;)~ 
December 12, 2019 @ 3:40 AM
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