Balls! Grow Some...Go Statement Style!

If you enjoy blending in, following instead of leading, not making waves, just going through the motions, or you happen to be in the witness protection program... STOP right here, don't waste your time, this is not the blog for you....unless you need to make a change. I have a co-worker, let's call him "Joe" to protect his identity(even though his name is "Joe"). This guy is so boring that the only interesting thing to talk about regarding him is that he went missing from work for 3 days last week and the only one who noticed was the payroll department. No customers called for him, and not one of his 50 plus co-workers asked his whereabouts. What's my point? Well Joe may be happy, but he definitely needs a change. Joe needs to start taking some risks. He needs to make a statement and let everyone know he's alive. You may think that this has nothing to do with fashion, but it absolutely does, it has everything to do with it. The easiest way to implement a change, I feel, is through fashion. Everybody has an interest, a thing that catches their eye, something that excites them, makes them feel good. Regardless of what that thing is, find it, buy it, wear it, own it. Something as simple as a fashion accessory could make make a huge difference in your appearance and confidence. Don't worry guys, contrary to popular belief, accessories aren't required to match, at most they should coordinate and in may cases they can contrast. So don't be afraid to rock a pair of bird skull cuff links with that suit you wore to the last 5 weddings you attended, it will totally change your look and grab attention. It could be anything...
Speaking of making a statement, here's a shameless plug... just launched a section for men categorized as "For Him" filled with hand made, unique, Statement Style pieces. Each item has been carefully selected by it's CEO & buyer, Nicole Velez, and kept at a low quantity so that it will lessen the chances of you showing up to a function making the same fashion statement as anyone else. You will not find these pieces in any brick and mortar store or on any mainstream website. Be forewarned, their selection is not for everyone, it's geared to those who are not afraid to express themselves individually or try something new. It's for the risk takers, those that could give a fcuk what anyone else is wearing or what anyone else is thinking. The man who is confident in himself and thinks, this ring is me, I'm wearing it, I'm owning it. Here's a tip...Keep checking back as they like to keep it fresh. You'll definitely find something if not now, in the future that screams out to you..."That's ME!"

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Thank you! This totally makes sense. I just realized that I’m “Joe” lol.

Dave Greenstein

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