Valentines Day...For Her or Him? That is the Question.

A Woman’s Perspective...

From my own experience, Valentine’s Day has always and will always be all about ME ME ME :-) :-) :-) Don’t get me wrong, I’m totally not selfish or anything like that, but, Roses, Candy, Heart Shaped Jewelry…not necessarily in that order… are really not something any man of mine would be looking forward to receiving every February 14th. Seriously, it's not only me. Check out all the marketing out there. You can't help notice that, although this day is the day that men and women are supposed to showcase their love for each other equally, all major advertising is geared towards the men purchasing their ladies gifts. Honestly, have you ever seen an ad where a man is anxiously awaiting his woman to come home with a box of chocolates, flowers, or a love necklace??? Nope, didn't think so. Anyway, let's get back to the important things in life....the gifts! lollll  I know this time of year is probably one of the most stressful for any of you guys reading this blog so as a reward for reading it this far, let me make this easy for's a couple of amazing, affordable, but won't break the bank hints on what that special lady in your life is expecting to unwrap on this most special day...Guaranteed to make her go :-) :-) :-)!  You can click on the pics for more info. Aaaand as an added bonus, use coupon code CUPID2017 to save 14% on your total purchase....PLUS FREE SHIPPING to anywhere in the US!   



PS If you need any help in choosing the perfect gift for your lady or man, please email me at or call me during normal business hours :-)

Nikki <3


The Guy's Side... 

To me, Valentines Day has to be one of the most stressful days of the year. Dinner reservations, flowers, candy, the right gift, the perfect card, etc. It feels as though I'm concentrating on this day for weeks and then spend the day before, into the day of running around like a madman to only have it over in a blink of the eye with the best possible outcome being she loved her gift and you get some amazing Valentines Day sex (if you're not too stressed and tired from the past few days). On the other hand, your significant other is stressing about two things....he better have gotten me that "_________" I've been hinting about for the past few weeks and what to wear that night. Yeah, I feel their pain lol. Reflecting back, throughout the years, no matter the woman I was dating, the most I've ever gotten was a Valentines Day card or text message lol. Not that I expected any more than that out of this cheesy, commercial driven Holiday obviously made with the ladies in mind. But it would be nice to get surprised every now and then with a small token of my loved one's affection that I could proudly wear, something with a little thought behind it that I can always turn to and think WOW, she really cares. Since my co-writer of this blog made sure to shamelessly promote this day to all our male readers, to make sure they don't forget the ladies in their lives, here's a few of my own recommendations to all the women out there to help make this day special not only for her, but for him. I'm going to throw in the FREE shipping as well PLUS you can use the same coupon code CUPID2017 to save 14% on your entire purchase!


PS If you have have any questions or need any help in choosing the right gift, please email Nikki at

 Josh Baskin  :-)




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So True! Love it! Love your store, definitely sending my boyfriend here to buy me a few things <3

Jen Stone

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